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Winter Camps 2022: Environmental Education Through Experiential Learning

Chatteris’ own Luke Athow gives us an overview of the environment-themed English camps we hosted for students in December.

Building on from the success of our Summer Environmental Camps, Chatteris launched a second round of environment themed camps, aptly named the Winter Camps! The camps sought to tackle the same issues as their summer counterparts – plastic pollution, renewable energy, and local endangered species – but on a larger scale, reaching a wider breadth of students and in a shorter time frame. A total of six camps were hosted over the winter break on Lamma Island, with students from both primary and secondary schools attending. 


Take a look below to see some highlights from the camps. You can learn more about our achievements with the winter camps from our impact report.

Day 1: Sok Ku Wan

The first day of the winter camp saw tutors and students heading to Sok Ku Wan for a beach themed day. The group learned about plastic pollution, endangered animals in Hong Kong, and gave back by participating in their own beach clean. Here you can see two eager students doing their bit to clear away plastic pollution!

As part of the beach excursion students were taught about diverse, and at risk, species in and around Hong Kong. Chatteris tutor Luke tells students about one of the species impacted by plastic pollution in Hong Kong, the Green Back Turtle, which nests on Lamma Island every few years.

Day 2: Yung She Wan

The second day of the winter camps the tutors and students headed to Yung Shue Wan for a day themed around renewable energy and ecological awareness. This includes a nature walk whereby keen eyed tutors and students look out for a variety of local flora and fauna.

The second day of the winter camps concludes with highlighting renewable energies, fittingly at Lamma Winds. Chatteris Tutor Henry can be seen explaining the pros and cons of different types of energy before a reading of energy riddles and a game of renewable themed battleships.

Click here to read more about how we impacted our student beneficiaries through our winter camps.

If you’re interested in helping students in Hong Kong learn how to protect their environment, apply now to become a Chatteris Tutor.

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