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Twelve Quotes From This Year

In the first of a special two part end-of-year series, Chatteris’ own Elly Witham asks our team to sum up their year in just a couple of sentences…

“I’ve been lucky enough to be around so many incredible people this year. Watching everyone refuse to let their happiness be dictated by the external circumstances has taught me a powerful lesson in resilience.

This year has taught me that the word challenging does not have to exist as a negative. Challenges are just a chance to show yourself that you can, if you just try. It’s something I always tell my students. I encourage them to try spelling a word or guess what a word means before asking me for help. It’s an important part of learning.

“This year has been truly one of the most fulfilling, not only from a professional point of view but a personal one too. In a few words I can honestly say that it has been the most amazing and challenging time. Through the highs and the lows, the support of those around me kept me warm when things felt cold and despite all that happened in Hong Kong with the protests and coronavirus (and the general struggles of finding your feet in a new place), it says a lot that it will always remain ‘Home Kong’ for me.

“Chatteris changed the way I perceived the world. This year has made me develop myself in a way that I am unable to travel anywhere else without looking back, but just staying on course to what I hope to experience in my future. “

I believed I tried my best to live like a local. I have learned how to ask for dong lai cha and sai do si. Believe it or not, the best sai do si is only a short walk from the Chatteris Office. I have also loved how this year has been amazing as I have discovered so many tools and how to use technology to my advantage. No pandemic can stop us.

“This year in Hong Kong has been the story of ‘It’s what you make of it’. So having a big and diverse family like Chatteris has helped band everyone together to get through the challenging bits.

“I think we can all agree that this year was full of unprecedented and difficult situations, but this made me a stronger person and helped strengthen the relationships with my friends who were crucial to me this year.”

“A move halfway across the globe was, for me, made exponentially easier by meeting a raft of people who were equally eager to meet new people and make the absolute most of every weekend. Whether you’re gathering for a pre-work fun run, assembling for a post-work happy hour, or taking over Repulse Bay Beach, en masse on the weekend, there’s always something going on!

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