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Our tutors supporting students during the three-week training period in August

Twelve Photos From This Year

In the second of our end-of-year series, Chatteris’ own Alice Sherlock collects 12 photos that capture the year at Chatteris…

This year, despite the turbulence, our tutors have impacted thousands of beneficiaries through our school and community partners. We are incredibly proud of our team and are looking forward to welcoming our new cohort of tutors very soon.

Reflecting on the year we’ve had, it began last August with the arrival of our tutors. During a comprehensive three-week training period, our tutors led various fun activities designed to support students in developing their confidence and proficiency to use English:

Our tutors supporting students during the three-week training period in August
Our tutors supported students during the three-week training period in August | Image by Chatteris

Fast forward to a month later, and Chatteris held one of our first social events of the year: a Mid-Autumn Festival! Here some of our team made homemade dumplings:

Queenie [right], demonstrated how to make dumplings at our Mid-Autumn Festival | Image by Chatteris

Halloween is a popular holiday for our tutors to incorporate themed activities into language learning for students. Tom, a tutor at one of post-secondary partners, built a pumpkin catapult activity to engage our students in some informal conversation:

Students enjoyed a pumpkin catapult activity led by one of our tutors | Image by Chatteris

Chatteris doesn’t shy away from employee wellbeing. One of our first wellbeing events of the year was a Mindfulness Workshop:

Some of our team at our Mindfulness Workshop | Image by Chatteris

Throughout the year, Chatteris partners with other organisations in Hong Kong to bring a diverse range of activities and events to students. One of those was Dovetails, an organisation that specialises in drama workshops for young people. Our tutors worked with the performers to put on a production of Robin Hood:

Tutors at one of our primary school partners starred in a special stage production of Robin Hood | Image by Chatteris

During weekends, our tutors provide extra opportunities to deserving groups of beneficiaries. Two of our tutors, Joey and Natasha, ran a chocolate birds nest workshop for students involved with the Heep Hong Society:

Our tutors led a food workshop for students involved with the Heep Hong Society | Image by Chatteris

As social unrest gained momentum in late 2019, our tutors had their first taste of online teaching:

Becky [left] and Jake [right], tutors in our post-secondary programme, delivered online sessions for students | Image by Chatteris

Our operations team, based in our main office, got in the Christmas spirit and began wrapping parcels for beneficiaries supported by the Box of Hope programme:

Chatteris employees doubled up as Santa to bring Christmas joy | Image by Chatteris

The final social event of 2019 arrived in December. One of our tutors, Kirsty, emerged as Santa, supported by elves Emmie and Millie, to bring Christmas gifts to our employees:

Tutors Patrick [left] and Elly [right] were joyous after receiving their gifts from Santa and the elves | Image by Chatteris

Another of our community partners is the TCK Learning Centre, an organisation that supports migrant workshops in their English language and skills based learning:

Silvia [left] and Jam [right] led a workshop for beneficiaries involved in the TCK Learning Centre | Image by Chatteris

Our tutors aim to build students self-confidence using both formal and informal learning opportunities. One of our tutors, Ashley, placed in the secondary school programme, frequently played basketball with students:

Ashley enjoyed basketball with students during lunchtime | Image by Chatteris

And finally, as the pandemic hit Hong Kong in late January, and social distancing became the new normal, the professionalism and resilience of our tutors allowed our activities to move online in order to continue supporting students as best we can:

Sophie [left] and Danny [right] supported students online during the COVID-19 pandemic | Image by Chatteris

It’s been a rollercoaster year for Chatteris and Hong Kong. Thank you to all of our tutors and operations team for supporting our students as best as possible!

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