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The Best Beaches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for being a concrete jungle full of skyscrapers however, it is also home to beautiful islands, mountains, and beaches. Chatteris’ own Tamzin Moon takes us through her rundown of the best beaches in Hong Kong.

When I arrived in Hong Kong I was excited to explore all it had to offer, not imagining there would be nice beaches a 30-minute bus ride away (pretty unbelievable as you walk through the urban jungle of Hong Kong). But, to my surprise, Hong Kong is full of some of the nicest beaches dotted all around the landscape. The beaches are perfect for a day out, camping, or even a quick visit after you’ve finished work.

Chatteris English Tutors enjoying the Surfing at Big Wave Bay
Chatteris English Tutors enjoying surfing at Big Wave Bay | Image by Tamzin Moon

Although not the nicest beaches in Hong Kong, Repulse Bay, Shek O, and Big Wave Bay are all located on Hong Kong Island, making it really easy and affordable to reach (only around 20 minutes drive from Central). They are conveniently located, always have the best of the sun throughout the day, and the water is very clear. Shek O is great for hiring beach umbrellas or grabbing cheap drinks and snacks. Big Wave Bay is a smaller beach and much better for surfing during the winter months as you can hire out a wetsuit and surfboard for around $150 (HKD) for the whole day, bargain! 


Sai Wan is one of the best beaches in Hong Kong
Sai Wan Beach | Image by Tamzin Moon

Now onto the Outlying Islands. Two of my favourite beaches are located on the islands surrounding Hong Kong; Lamma and Cheng Chau. Cheng Chau is reachable in 40 minutes from the Central Ferry Piers. It was one of the first beaches I visited and has golden sandy beaches. When you’re swimming, you can usually see lots of small fish swimming around you. There are a few ‘secret’ beaches around Cheng Chau that you can hike to and explore. The second beach that is a regular among expats during the sunniest days is Lamma Power Station Beach. Named after the looming power station that can be viewed anywhere on the beach. Although it seems weird at first (the contrast between nature and building) you really do get used to it and during sunset, the shadows look almost pretty.

Finally, we have the Sai Kung region which is home to some of the nicest beaches in Hong Kong and has even been compared to the Bahamas for the quality of sand and clearness of the water. My two favourites are Sai Wan and Long Ke Wan. You can grab a bus from Mong Kok that takes you right to Sai Kung Pier and from there you can grab another bus to one of the beaches. But, beware the hike from the bus stop all the way to the beach is a killer, especially as it is all uphill on the way back. Or you can take a boat if it is a nice day, but the hike is worth it for the golden, soft sand and even more amazing views you get. Especially, if you camp overnight! 

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