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The 10 Apps You Need to Move to Hong Kong

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming. There are new sights, new food, and new transport to figure out. Thankfully in 2023, we have tools at the tips of our fingers to make the transition that little bit easier. Here is our rundown of the 10 apps you need to move to Hong Kong: 


1. CityMapper or Google Maps 

Hong Kong has one of the best public transport networks in the world, and while it is convenient and easy to use it can be difficult to get your bearings at first. Both apps are compatible with Hong Kong’s MTR (Mass Transit Railway) and bus network, so pick your favourite and get exploring! 


2. Octopus

Probably the most used app by many Hong Kong residents, Octopus is your key to getting around Hong Kong. Octopus Cards are used to pay for all public transport and can also be used in many shops and restaurants. Physical cards are available to purchase at the airport, MTR stations, and convenience stores, and can be topped up with cash at the same places. However, it is much easier to go digital and tap your phone when you’re getting on and off transport – you can even add money online as well! 

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 3. My Observatory  

Hong Kong is a sub-tropical climate and as such can be subject to some wild weather. My Observatory will keep you up to date with weather warnings that can impact transport, school closures, and general safety advice. 


4. Happy Hour

The nightlife in Hong Kong is world-famous, and while it can be pricey there are always deals going on to help you save money. With over 300 bars, Happy Hour can show you all the offers going on near you to help have fun on a budget. 


5. YUU 

What began as a loyalty rewards scheme, YUU has expanded into an online shopping platform for all Hong Kong staple stores. Collect points at grocery stores and partner restaurants, and enjoy your saving at stores and online. Keep your ears open for infamous YUU theme songs in shops!


6. FoodPanda

Similar to Uber Eats and Deliveroo, FoodPanda provides food and grocery delivery right to your doorstep. Check out the selection of local cuisine near you, and keep your eyes peeled for offers and savings. 

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7. HSBC or Online Banking

When moving abroad, one of the most important steps is setting up your local bank account. Having access to mobile online banking can make managing your money much easier. HSBC may be one of the most popular choices, but as a financial hub, there are many options to help you settle in. 


8. Fly Taxi 

An alternative to Uber, this taxi-hailing app partners with local divers to get you from A to B. Simply set your pickup sport and destination and one of 10,000 partnered drivers will get you there. Fly Taxi often turns out cheaper than calling cabs on Uber! 


9. GoGo Van / Lala Move 

Need help moving furniture or other big items? These are the classic Hong Kong movers apps. Make sure to measure your items to call the right-sized transport and your driver will help you get them moved. You can pay extra for help moving items up/down stairs, and to have an English-speaking driver. You could even download both and compare the prices to help you secure the best price! 


10. Happy Cow
This one is for veggies and vegans! While Cantonese cuisine is not famously veggie friendly, there are many amazing options for plant-based diets around Hong Kong. This app can show you which restaurants have the best meat-free options, including local Cantonese and international cuisine. 


Interested in making the move to Hong Kong? Click here to learn more!

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