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Sports to Try When You Move to Hong Kong

When moving to a new place, many people worry about making friends. Although it can be daunting, there are lots of ways you can meet new people in Hong Kong, and in this post Chatteris’ own Adam O’Domhnaill talks us through his sociable pastime – sports.


Amongst the expatriate community in Hong Kong, and especially amongst Chatteris Tutors, sport plays a crucial role in building connections and keeping active. The move to a new city brings opportunities to carry on old habits and discover new ones, so here are three of the most popular sports in Hong Kong.


Adam is the current captain of Chatteris FC | Image by Adam O’Domhnaill

A beautiful game. Hong Kong has a vibrant football scene; regardless of your standard, the opportunities are endless. Want some casual football without the commitment of a team? Check out https://casualfootball.net/ for the chance to play anything from 5 to 11 a side at different locations all around Hong Kong. Looking for more of a team environment? Your two best bets are the Hong Kong Legal League (predominantly played on Saturdays, http://www.legalleague.com.hk/ ) and the Yau Yee League (predominantly played on Sundays, https://yauyeeleague.com/en/ ). Teams are always on the lookout for players, and both websites have a transfer market box, where you can put some basic information about yourself and your footballing experience, and teams will reach out to you. Between the three different groups, there is certainly going to be something that takes your fancy. While the infrastructure of women’s football is not quite the same, there are leagues set up, head to https://www.hkfa.com/en/load_page/581 to find out more.



It is well known that Hong Kong’s international community flocks to the Hong Kong Sevens in their thousands (you can read this post to find out more). But aside from this, many people actually play rugby as well. With nearly 50 men’s teams and a growing number of women’s teams, there is plenty of chance to get involved. Whether you’re an experienced player, a social player or someone completely new to the sport, there’s a club for you. Check out https://www.hkrugby.com/ for more information.

The Hong Kong Sevens | Image by Kerry Devlin


Netball is one of the more popular recreational sports in Hong Kong, with over 1200 players across seven divisions. With clubs all over Hong Kong, there are monthly socials with partner clubs such as football and rugby for you to engage with. Many netball teams are part of wider sports clubs, including football, rugby and hockey, so the opportunities to meet new people and socialise are never missed.

Is your favourite sport missing? Not to worry, you can find details of even more sporting activities at https://expatliving.hk/sports-clubs-associations-join-hong-kong/ 

There are teams or leagues for almost every other sport imaginable, from the well-known like American football and basketball to the less-played such as dodgeball and lacrosse.


Interested in the sports Hong Kong has to offer? Click here to apply!


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