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Restaurants You Must Try on Kimberly Street: Hong Kong’s ‘Little Korea’

There are countless cuisines on offer in Hong Kong, but Kimberly Street is known locally as ‘Little Korea’ due to the community of Korean people in the area, and the array of Korean shops and restaurants. In this post, Chatteris’ own Jemma Nash takes us through her recommendations of where to eat in Little Korea.

Kimberly Street and the surrounding area tucked away in Tsim Sha Tsui, is known as Hong Kong’s ‘Little Korea’. It hosts an array of Korean restaurants, cafés, grocery stores and other Korean-owned small businesses. Though in the day it appears quiet and empty, it comes to life in the evening with many of the restaurants and bars opening at this time. You really are spoiled for choice, so here are some recommendations for affordable* and delicious eateries. I’m no expert on Korean cuisine. I am, however, a die-hard fan of all things fried and warm hearty meals – a common theme you’ll soon pick up on.

Where to go if you fancy…

Juicy Fried Chicken: Chicken Hof + Soju

Korean Fried Chicken on Kimberly Street Hong Kong
Korean Fried Chicken is a must try | Image by Jemma Nash

Beer and Korean fried chicken are a perfect pairing and even have a co-joined nickname, chimaek (치맥). Chicken Hof + Soju is a popular spot for fried chicken, with 6 locations in Hong Kong! It’s probably due to the variety of flavours of chicken (try the garlic honey) and beer towers on offer. The generous portion sizes which you can mix and match, make it the perfect place to go in a group. However, you could be waiting 10-15 minutes for a table during the evenings. If you’d like to include other food groups in your diet, I also recommend Red Chicken around the corner, where the chicken can be served with rice, fries, salads and even grilled octopus! Perfect for BBQ lovers. 





Popular Korean Restraunts in Hong Kong
Oppa Coffee Bar Restaurant | Image by Jemma Nash

…Something drowned in cheese: Oppa Coffee Bar Restaurant

Oppa has a cool Korean design interior and the chef boasts authentic dishes. It is a little pricier than other spots but it’s unique in that it makes cheese the star of the menu. Mozzarella…melted…on literally…everything. The staff use a torch to fire the mozzarella into a gooey heavenly liquid right at the table! Who knew kimchi rice and cheese was such a great combo?




A Good value lunch: Gaga Hoho

If cheese with meat isn’t quite your thing, Gaga Hoho is for you. It’s cosy, super affordable and offers a wider variety of dishes such as bibimbap, hotpot rice bowls, noodle dishes, bbq and more. It has great vegetarian options too! The lunch sets start at as little as $59, including the authentic side dishes typically eaten at meal times. It’s super affordable any time of day really with dishes ranging from $60-115! 


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