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Chatteris english tutors reading a book to refugee children

Refugee Storytelling: Our Impact

Since 2017, Chatteris has collaborated with the Hong Kong Society for Asylum Seekers and Refugees to deliver Refugee Storytelling: a relaxed and interactive session where young learners can engage with English language story books. The initiative’s co-founder Isabella Ng sat down with Chatteris’ Marketing Intern Chris to share her experiences and insights on the impact that Chatteris Tutors have had over the years. 



Good morning Ms. Ng. Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. Chatteris has collaborated with your organisation since 2017. How do Chatteris Tutors contribute to your community outreach initiative?

“Good morning. There are many ways in which Chatteris Tutors can get involved with Refugee Storytelling, but mainly they lead activity-based sessions to improve the English of our beneficiaries. Those activities include between 20 and 30 children from refugee families in Hong Kong up to the age of 11. Usually, the sessions are very student-centred and revolve around games and other activity based content. Overall, the lessons provide a relaxing way to immerse yourself in an English environment.”


How have the Chatteris Tutors you have worked with impacted your learners?

“First and foremost, the sessions with Chatteris Tutors have had a positive impact on the children. They perform better in English or school in general and are both increasingly keen on learning new things, and confident enough to explore them. However, over time, I have also observed that the children also influence their parents. They, too, increasingly show interest in learning a new language or, amongst others, how to read in English.”


That’s so good to hear! Can you provide an example of this?

“For instance, I remember one session when Chatteris Tutors taught a song during their lesson which both parents and children were singing for months – and even danced to during a birthday party which I was invited to. However, I think that the most meaningful impact happens through the personal relationships which are fostered beyond the classroom and teaching English. I remember another case where Chatteris Tutors volunteered to attend Christmas parties to meet the children again, or when some donated household items to refugees in need when leaving Hong Kong. That clearly shows that level of friendship and solidarity which is fostered through co-operations such as this.”


What a beautiful example! Thank you very much for this interview and we look forward to our continued collaboration.


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