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Chatteris Pantomime

Chatteris Pantomime

Pantomime is an interactive musical drama on stage that was developed in England and is performed across the United Kingdom during the Christmas and New Year seasons.

Every year since 2013, Chatteris has offered students the opportunity to enjoy the show performed by our Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutors for free. Students also had the chance to interact with the characters on stage during and after the show.

This year, Chatteris is bringing the show to students online! This is an interactive educational experience which showcases the creativity and expertise of our team. These resources are free to circulate to all students with prizes to be won!

Let the story begin…

Lucky Draw

Join the Lucky Draw!

Watch the Beauty and the Beast videos, follow the instructions below and answer all the questions.

You will have a chance to win a $100 book store coupon and a chance to join the Chatteris English online course for free! 

Join the lucky draw before the deadline : 26 March 2021.

Episode 1 (第1集)

Episode 2 (第2集)

Episode 3 (第3集)

Episode 4 (第4集)

Episode 5 (第5集)


Beauty and the Beast Colouring Competition

Use your creativity to recolour the Beauty and the Beast picture and create a suitable caption. Follow the instructions below, fill in and submit the application form to join the competition. 

Game Zone

Play the Games

Here are three games related to the Beauty and the Beast story.

You can play all the games and compete with your friends to see who finished the games faster.

Find the Words

Memory Game

Spot the Difference