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Our Impact

For over 30 years Chatteris has been working with schools and students to stop English being a barrier for anyone in Hong Kong

As we pursue our mission and vision, we are extremely proud of the impact we are making in the lives of both local and international residents in Hong Kong. Chatteris aspires to facilitate significant, lasting impact in all of our partners including Hong Kong students, our graduate tutors from across the world, and all our community partners

To our partner students

We are continuously seeking out new avenues to allow them to use English in an engaging, authentic, and enjoyable manner so they view English as an essential life skill

To our tutors

We are developing and refining their teaching skills and transferable skills to allow them to pursue their future careers in education, in non-profit organisations, or in other fields

To our community partners

We are establishing a network of supportive, mutually beneficial partners who work together to support deserving students and beneficiaries across Hong Kong in order to offer them the opportunities they deserve

Hear Louis’s Story

Being a teenager anywhere is tough, but being a teenager in the Hong Kong education system brings with it a unique set of challenges. A pressurised, heavily exam-focused education means that students often struggle with stress and burnout, and nowhere is this more true than for their English lessons. With 230,000 students living under the poverty line, and therefore unable to access extra English support or holiday in English-speaking countries, it is hard for students to see it as an essential mode of communication rather than merely a theoretical classroom subject.

When I was in school, English was so much fun, yet at the same time, I realised some difference between the English lessons given by the local teacher and the Chatteris Tutor.

Spending time with the Chatteris Tutor for 3 years in my school has totally changed my attitude towards learning English as they planned fun games and gave us encouragement to speak English in front of people confidently [sic].”

Louis, Form 5 student

Every year….

We Place


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Of interactive lessons, extracurricular activities, and experiential learning opportunities each year


Community Programmes

With over 5000 hours of their free time, impacting at-risk communities across Hong Kong

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Across primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools

Chatteris in the Community

As well as our school programmes, Chatteris is also dedicated to improving the English skills of less privileged citizens across Hong Kong. Our community programme includes a vast range of projects, from our weekend hiking club for students to Sunday workshops for domestic workers, and supports beneficiaries ranging from refugees and asylum seekers to children with Special Educational Needs.

All of these projects are delivered by our team of tutors pro bono in their evenings and weekends, as they seek to support and inspire at-risk members of the Hong Kong community.

Feature Project – Heep Hong

A third of Hong Kong children have some form of Special Educational Needs and there is a distinct lack of understanding and opportunities for their future professional and personal development in the city. Many support centres are oversubscribed and struggle to keep up with demand.

To try and help address this, Chatteris recently entered into a partnership with Heep Hong Society, a leading SEN support organisation in Hong Kong. Our tutors lead weekend storytelling sessions and activities for the children, forming incredible connections along the way.

Feature Project – TCK Learning Centre

Live-in domestic helpers from South East Asia are very common in Hong Kong but are often vulnerable and do not have access to further educational opportunities, especially as they work six days a week.

In light of these challenges Chatteris began supporting TCK Learning Centre, a charity in Hong Kong which provides classes and education for helpers. On Sundays, our tutors provide English-language workshops on a wide variety of topics and themes.

Feature Project – CI2P Hiking Club

The Chatteris ‘Impossible 2 Possible’ (CI2P) Hiking Club offers students a unique opportunity to improve their confidence speaking English while exploring the spectacular scenery of their home city. 

The CI2P Hiking club not only affords these students the chance to practise their English, but also to socialise with students outside of their own school, as well as reap the benefits of exercising in Hong Kong’s picturesque landscape. Therefore, by delivering our CI2P Hiking Club to students, we aim to:

Enhance students’ English confidence and proficiency in an informal, authentic environment

Develop students’ interpersonal and teamwork skills through dynamic interaction with Chatteris Tutors and other students

Discover the physical and mental benefits of hiking

Feature Project – TCK Learning Centre

Hong Kong is home to hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, many of whom have had limited educational opportunities and are employed abroad to help support their families in their home country.

TCK was founded by migrant workers to serve other migrant workers. Volunteers at the centre run a variety of workshops every Sunday. These classes typically focus on English, sewing, and computer skills. Chatteris assists with some of these sessions at their centre, hosting English-language workshops on a huge range of themes. 

Our collaboration with TCK allows us to assist in providing valuable educational opportunities to migrant workers by exposing them to English speakers from all around the world. This mutually beneficial partnership is also a fantastic opportunity for Chatteris Tutors to share personal knowledge and skills with a large and motivated community of beneficiaries, while helping them develop their English language skills.

We Are Proud To Partner On Our Community Outreach Programmes With The Following Organisations

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