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Meet the Chatteris Project Management Team

Meet the Management Team

Ben Weetman
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mobile no.: (852) 9668 0422
Email: ben@chatteris.org.hk

Ben worked for Chatteris from 2006
and has been in many different roles
within the organisation before
becoming CEO. Ben has traveled
from Thailand to the United
Kingdom by land and sea, which
was a huge 6 month trip which
included taking the Trans-Siberian
railway through Russia. Speak to
him about travel plans!

Margaret Kwan
Programme Director

Mobile no.: (852) 9816 0195
Email: margaret@chatteris.org.hk

Margaret has worked for Chatteris
from 2006, she is now the
Programme Director and supports
Ben in the operation of Chatteris at
senior management level. Margaret
loves to travel to different places and
takes photos of wildlife, landscapes
and historical sites. Chat to her
about the latest cool gadgets and
popular trends in Asia!

Carli Pearson
English Programme Executive

Mobile no.: (852) 5532 7617
Email: primary@chatteris.org.hk / secondary@chatteris.org.hk

Carli joined Chatteris last year where
she oversees the primary and
secondary programmes. Before
Chatteris she was an assistant
Principal in Shanghai. She has lived
in Asia for 8 years now! Carli says it’s
been a whirlwind first year in HK for
her and she is still enjoying exploring
the hiking trails, beaches and the

George Tarling
Programme Director

Mobile no.: (852) 5608 1349
Email: community@chatteris.org.hk

George is responsible for Community
Outreach and Fundraising, so speak
to him about any interest you have
in supporting the weekend
community volunteering projects.
George has led a nomadic life. His
passion for football has seen George
embrace the role of the prolific Phil
Neville in the Chatteris football team.

Chloe Twining
Recruitment and Marketing Manager

WhatsApp no.: (44) 7939 640423
Email: hr@chatteris.org.hk

Chloe joined in 2018 from Newcastle
upon Tyne. She loves musicals, Disney
and cooking! What she likes most
about HK is all the different cuisines
she get to try. Her favourite at the
moment is Korean!

Queenie Che
Assistant Programme Manager

Mobile no.: (852) 9791 2970
Email: love@chatteris.org.hk

Queenie joined 5 years ago. Her
duties include supporting
recruitment and logistics, she
specialises in design. Queenie likes
art and design! She likes the food
and shopping in Hong Kong.

Janice Wong
Senior Programme Officer

Mobile no.: (852) 9359 9480
Email: love@chatteris.org.hk / cnet@chatteris.org.hk

Janice joined in November 2015. Her
duties include daily office operation,
supporting recruitment and logistics,
handling accounting issues and
payroll. She enjoys the nice beaches
and easy hikes in Hong Kong.

Cynthia Yung
Operation Executive

Mobile no.: (852) 9033 9655
Email: love@chatteris.org.hk / cnet@chatteris.org.hk

Cynthia joined in May 2015. Her duties include daily office operation, supporting recruitment and logistics, handling accounting issues and payrolls. She loves travelling and eating.

Sylvia Lee
Education Advisor

Mobile no.: (852) 9285 7380
Email: primary@chatteris.org.hk / secondary@chatteris.org.hk

Sylvia joined Chatteris last year.
She likes travelling, swimming,
camping, learning languages and
listening to music. She likes the
food, beaches, mountains, hiking
routes and skyline in Hong Kong.

Meet the Programme Managers

Christina Welsh
Primary Programme Manager

Mobile no.: (852) 5617 1660
Email: primary@chatteris.org.hk

Tina’s daily pastimes include
fostering puppies and practising
her Taekwondo kicking. Tina says
Hong Kong has it all – beaches,
skyline, national parks and great

Anna Marsland
Primary Programme Manager

WhatsApp no.: (44) 7412 103060
Email: primary@chatteris.org.hk

Anna loves playing rugby, travelling
& running. She loves the incredible
food, the beaches, and the
breathtaking skyline from the
Avenue of Stars.

Emily Brazier
Primary Programme Manager

Mobile no.: (852) 6747 9275
Email: primary@chatteris.org.hk

Emily enjoys hiking, travelling and
sewing. She loves Hong Kong’s
beautiful country parks, amazing
food, and buzzing social scene.

Josh Phillips
Assistant Programme Director (Secondary)

Mobile no.: (852) 7772 095143
Email: secondary@chatteris.org.hk

Josh loves rugby and board-games.
He thinks that the great hiking
opportunities and fantastic public
transport are some of HK’s

Alice Sherlock
Assistant Programme Director (Secondary)

Mobile no.: (852) 6998 0850
Email: secondary@chatteris.org.hk

You’ll find Alice practicing yoga,
reading tarot, and munching on
Quavers. Her favourite spot in HK is
the skyline from TST Promenade –
absolutely breathtaking.

Colin McGinness
Secondary Programme Manager

Mobile no.: (852) 6769 0720
Email: secondary@chatteris.org.hk

Colin loves travelling, cooking and
board-games. His favourite part
about Hong Kong is all the different
food that he can try from all over the