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From Origami Ghosts to The Gruffalo: Halloween at Loving Kids Community Service Centre

Chatteris’ own Hayley Clarke tells us about a Saturday spent volunteering with one of our community partner organisations.

The Loving Kids Community Service Centre is a grassroots organisation that offers support, care, and assistance to families in Sham Shui Po, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Hong Kong. The centre runs sessions both in Cantonese and English to further young people’s learning and character development. Chatteris Tutors run monthly sessions at the centre to offer the children immersive activities they may not otherwise have access to at school or at home.

As I settled into my role as a Chatteris Tutor in the secondary programme I was eager for the chance to experience what it’s like teaching younger children. The Loving Kids Community Service Centre outreach project provided just that.

As the first session fell on 31st October, it was only fitting that session leader Joni, a tutor from Chatteris’ primary programme, planned activities around the theme of Halloween. As a group, we facilitated a variety of communicative games, arts and crafts, and storytelling activities. 

“The children truly engaged with the Halloween-themed material about monsters, from acting out vampires and zombies to making their own origami ghosts to take home! My highlight, however, was our live reading of one my favourite childhood books – The Gruffalo – and seeing the children enjoy this modern classic as much as I did when I was their age,” says Joni. 

Learners and tutors alike show off their ghosts and Gruffalos. | Image by Chatteris
Learners and tutors alike show off their ghosts and Gruffalos. | Image by Chatteris

Considering the range of ages, proficiencies, and varying familiarity with the theme, the response to the materials was exceedingly positive across the board. It was delightful to see the children interacting with each other and the tutors, and helping each other through tasks. 

“As Chatteris Tutors, there is nothing more fulfilling than delivering a session which is enjoyed by both teachers and students alike,” Joni echoes. 

For me, engaging with students outside of the school environment where they are more relaxed and keen to participate was a new and constructive experience. Conducting the session alongside fellow tutors also allowed me to observe and learn from their teaching styles, as well as appreciate how much they have developed since our orientation just a couple of months ago! I’m motivated to continue improving, and keep seeking opportunities to get involved in the Community Outreach Programme. 

Would you like to dedicate your Saturdays to volunteering with Hong Kong’s young people like Hayley? Apply now to be a Chatteris Tutor.

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