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Local Eats: The Food You Need to Try in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for it’s delicious cuisine, and Chatteris English Tutors love spending their free time exploring all the food there is on offer. Chatteris’ own Jess Tang gives her run-down of the must try local foods.

Chatteris English Tutors are able to explore all the amazing food in Hong Kong
Chatteris English Tutors are able to explore all the amazing food in Hong Kong | Image by Jess Tang

Dai Pai Dongs
These outdoor food stalls are an iconic Hong Kong experience! Nothing beats a bottle of Blue Girl whilst drinking in the buzz around you. Everything is cooked to order so you can ask for alterations to each dish which is great for veggies. Each dai pai dong usually has its own speciality dishes: 

  • Sing Heung Yuen in Sheung Wan has warm and hearty tomato noodles.
  • Glorious Cuisine in Sham Shui Po has amazingly satisfying beef and potato dish.
  • Shui Kee also in Sheung Wan has perfectly tender beef brisket noodles. 



Dim Sum

An iconic cuisine that needs no introduction. Grab your pals and get in rounds of char siu bao 叉烧包 (BBQ pork buns), har gow 蝦餃 (shrimp dumplings) and my favourite ham sui gok 鹹水角 (pork glutinous-rice dumplings)!

  • One Dim Sum in Prince Edward is a very accessible option.
  • Tim Ho Wan in Sham Shui Po is notorious for its Michelin star whilst staying budget-friendly.
  • Drink up the rural ambience at Tuen Kee Chinese Restaurant in Tsuen Wan where dishes are self-serve and the watercress is picked straight from their garden.

Check out this post for all you need to know about dim sum.

Hong Kong is famous for it's amazing food
Hong Kong is famous for it’s amazing food | Image by Jess Tang


Cha Chaan Teng 

Cha chaan tengs are Hong Kong’s take on the Western cafe. Eclectic mixes of dishes and drinks are abundant. The Hong Kong version of the classic cup of British tea for example uses tinned milk because they were easy to import and would keep for a much longer time than regular milk, resulting in a smooth and stronger tasting tea.

  • Sun Wah Restaurant in Cheung Sha Wan does it all, from egg tarts, milk tea and beef satay noodles.
  • Tai On Coffee & Tea in Yau Ma Tei is a modern take on the classic.
  • Lan Fong Yuen in Central is the OG place to get your stocking milk tea fix.


Street Food

In the colder months, you will find mobile street carts which sell roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes – the perfect wintertime treat! A wander around Mong Kok and you’ll find curry fish balls, skewers, stinky tofu and more. More Eggettes in Mong Kok have the best and freshest egg waffles.  


Deserts in Hong Kong are fresh and delicatley sweet | Image by Jess Tang

Desserts & Bakeries 

“It’s not too sweet” is the ultimate compliment for a tasty dessert here in Hong Kong. The dessert here is often fresh and delicately sweetened. 

  • Uncle Dessert in Prince Edward does the classic mango pomelo sago. I highly recommend this, it’s likely you’ll catch me here on multiple evening snacking adventures.


  • Happy Cake Shop in Ma On Shan for your classic HK baked goods. A smaller branch of the famously popular shop in Wan Chai which famously and unfortunately shut down recently. 


  • One Bean Curd in Mong Kok offers the best and freshest dou fu fa I’ve had for only $8! Their green mung bean and black sesame soups are also delicious.






Want to explore all the amazing food Hong Kong has to offer? Click here to apply!

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