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Hiking Dragon's Back boasts spectacular views and amazing natural scenery

Hike Hong Kong

It’s an open secret that our team love to spend weekends exploring remote corners of the city. Here Chatteris’ own Elly Witham talks us through some of her fave hikes in Hong Kong…

I have always walked. From the moment I took my very first steps, my Dad has had me gallivanting over sky-scraping hills and golden sand shorelines.

Although excitement paced through my veins when moving to Hong Kong, the realisation soon hit that my (very) English, sea-view, open terrain strolls bubble would burst and I would be entering into a concrete jungle.

Since arriving in Hong Kong at the beginning of October last year, my feet have been blessed to track some of the most incredible hiking routes that boast surreal scenery and amazing thrills.

Touching different soil and reaching varying heights has captured some of my best memories whilst being here. It is because of this recognition that I feel obliged to share some of my favourite walking journeys…

Kowloon Peak & Suicide Cliff
Do not be fooled by the name… arriving at the precariously overhanging rock face that overlooks the view of Kowloon and Hong Kong below could not make me feel more alive!

Beautiful natural stone is found along the hike to Suicide Cliff | Image by Elly Witham

The hike starts by slowly weaving up the ascending pathway with views of the trees beautifully bordering Sai Kung beach below on your right.

Anticipation stirs as you begin to climb the naturally carved stone steps that align the body of Kowloon Peak. Facing forward you pace past serene bamboo trunks framing the pathway and towering above view.

The edge of Suicide Cliff is both thrilling and nerve-racking | Image by Elly Witham

As you glimpse back to take a momentary breath, you are rewarded with the glorious snapshot over the marine country park below. It is not until you reach the head of the cliff, with your feet rooted on a helicopter pad, that you can explore the panoramic views this spectacular hike has to offer; on one side chaotic Kowloon bordered by heavenly green hills, on the other side drops of picturesque islands like pearls in the surrounding turquoise ocean.

Elly enjoys hiking with friends | Image by Elly Witham

Drop a couple of feet to meet your match; The Suicide Cliff! The view for the edge draws you closer for that perfect and thrilling snapshot moment. As the skyscrapers that scatter Hong Kong lay at your feet, this hike really is worth the tricky ascend and risky rock maneuvers!

Dragon’s Back 
Dragon’s Back promises spectacularly striking views as you surf the grassy waves of the mountain ridge. Follow the yellow brick road as you brush past trees lining the steps climbing towards the sky.

You are greeted with the welcoming view of golden shorelines bordering Hong Kong Island, boats gently swaying at bay whilst across the water luxurious villas sculpt the island.

Pushing forward towards Shek O Peak, a beautiful juxtaposition of densely constructed high rise towers are intertwined into the grooves of nature. Paragliders set sail as they weave through the sky down towards your final destination, Big Wave Bay. 

To complete the final steps of this pleasant jaunt, wade downwards amongst the freshly shaded forest that envelopes the path to the natural wonder of the beach.  

Sunset Peak
Now if you ever find yourself accidentally stumbling upon this sweat-drenching, muscle-burning track in the mid afternoon thinking you have only committed to a two hour leisurely stroll, brace yourself.

Hiking Dragon's Back boasts spectacular views and amazing natural scenery
Hiking Sunset Peak boasts spectacular views and amazing natural scenery | Image by Elly Witham

You’re in for a ride! This was the most vigorously challenging hike to have tracked, especially in the gloriously scorching heat of the Hong Kong springtime sun.

With aspiration running in your veins, begin to climb the labyrinth stone-cut steps meandering upwards like a staircase to heaven. Take precaution; a lot of water, snacks, inhalers, a tent (in case you never reach the top), SOS signals, and anything else you may require for this leg of the journey!

Push through! You will make it and be pleased to hear this is the worst bit over. Once you reach the top, your eyes lock with the breathtaking view of Sunset Peak in all its splendor.

So spectacular, it pumps exhilaration back through your very bones as you march on through the gorgeously serene emerald forest. Lightly stepping over a rocky pathway with water as clear as glass. It trickles over and down the pathway as the sun sinks into the forest.

Move past the grassy hilltops with miraculous views of Hong Kong and its surrounding islands carved into the sea. Reaching for the clouds, you begin to level out at the unmistakably rewarding trial you have just conquered. Spend some time here watching the world go by, planes rise and fall, as you regain energy for the descent.

If you’re a hardcore hiker, why not push on for the sister peak, Lantau Peak. Majestically towering as the second highest point in Hong Kong, it really does await its victims!

Are you a hiking enthusiast like Elly? Find out more about joining our team here!

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