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From Teaching to Marketing: Ways You Can Get Involved

The Chatteris International Graduate Programme welcomes international graduates from all disciplines, creating a collaborative and varied network of young professionals with a global vision. 

Chatteris offers a wealth of opportunities throughout the programme for tutors to explore their interests, hobbies, and passions – both inside the classroom and out of it. Each year, we find that a number of our tutors seek to grow and develop their experience in marketing and communications-related fields. Here Chatteris’ own Recruitment and Marketing Manager, Lucy, talks us through 4 ways Chatteris tutors can access personal and professional development through marketing and communications activities. 


1.Blog Team

We’ll start with the obvious – the Chatteris blog! Each year our blog team, headed by a Programme Manager and supported by a small group of tutors, collaborates to determine content ideas and scheduling, consider new ways to engage members of the organisation to encourage contributions to the blog, and to edit pieces before posting. This is a great experience for tutors seeking experience in content and communications collation, in addition to stakeholder consideration – making the Chatteris blog a place for past, current, and future employees, as well as partnership schools and local related organisations! When I was a tutor I was on the blog team, and it was a great way to interact with other tutors and find out more about their interests, hobbies, and what makes them tick!


Chatteris Tutor filming a video


2.Wellbeing Team

Next up is Chatteris’ Wellbeing Team. As part of our programme to ensure and support staff wellbeing, Chatteris runs regular events throughout the year to bring tutors together and aid in their mental and physical wellbeing. To make sure this runs smoothly a team of tutors is formed, consisting of Events Coordinators and a Promotional Materials Coordinator. These roles are the perfect opportunity for tutors looking to hone their event management skills, or gain further experience in digital promotional materials creation, all whilst contributing to the provision of staff wellbeing. 


3.Yearbook Team 

At the culmination of every programme year, a team of tutors comes together to create the Chatteris Yearbook! This is a place for every member of the team to share photos, favourite moments, quotes, and top tips. With a new creative theme each year, this is the place for visionaries to shine. Tutors can gain experience in the designing, editing, and delivery of digital materials, as well as conducting information collection and research – all-important transferable skills for aspiring marketers. 


Chatteris English tutor leadign a presentation

4.Social Media 

Finally, sharing content to Chatteris’ social media, or taking part in competitions (often with cash prizes!) is a great way to engage with the organisation and gain some casual marketing experience – showing a commitment to your interests. Tutors can get involved with all aspects of Chatteris’ social media; submitting content ideas, sharing photos, conducting interviews, and giving advice to future arrivals. This is the perfect place for any aspiring Digital Marketers or Social Media Managers to hone their skills and dive into their passions. 


At Chatteris, you can truly make your experience your own by channelling your interests and passions into your time in Hong Kong. The variety offered in our numerous extracurricular activities and professional development opportunities is what sets us apart from the crowd. Click here to find out more. 

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