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Four Favourite Hong Kong Hikes

If there’s one activity that a Chatteris Tutor will always be down for, it’s hiking. Chatteris’ own Patrick Boyce takes us on some of our favourite hikes around Hong Kong in his vlog series, The Tutor Experience.

[Disclaimer: The following vlogs were filmed before start of the COVID-19 pandemic.]

1. Lantau Trail

In this video, you’ll follow two of our Chatteris Tutors as they journey to Lantau Island, where they stayed for the weekend. Lantau Island is Hong Kong’s biggest island so there really is a lot to see and do on this vast and diverse area.


2. Sai Kung Waterfalls

In this video, you’ll follow our Chatteris Tutors as they journey to one of the most beautiful waterfalls Kong Kong has to offer … Sheung Luk waterfall in Sai Kung. First the hike takes you along the Sai Wan pavilion, before ending up at one of the more quiet and secluded beaches in Hong Kong. Then, following the stream up towards the mountainous forest, you’ll finish at the breathtaking Sheung Luk Waterfall.


3. Sunset Peak

In this video, you’ll follow our Chatteris Tutors as they journey through the mountains of Lantau, reaching the second largest peak in Hong Kong, Sunset Peak. This trail is definitely one of the more challenging hikes in Hong Kong, so probably isn’t the best one for beginners. But if you’re up to the challenge, the breathtaking views definitely make it all worthwhile.


4. Dragon’s Back

In this video, you’ll follow our Chatteris Tutors as they journey along the Dragon’s Back Trail. A brilliant hike for beginners, it’s not too challenging as you see some truly stunning scenery.


These Hong Kong hikes are just a small sample of what this amazing region has to offer. Head over to ‘Hike Hong Kong‘ for some more of our top trails or read ‘Stream Strolling: A Hike Along Gan Bai‘ for an in-depth walk through one of the more treacherous treks in the area!

Keen to explore Hong Kong’s peaks like Patrick and his friends? Apply now to become a Chatteris Tutor.

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