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What is Chatteris Environment and Sustainability Education?

As sustainability concerns grow in importance globally, greater emphasis has been placed on empowering young people through education to take meaningful action to protect and sustain the environment into the future. Chatteris’ commitment to enabling Hong Kong’s students to succeed in an increasingly globalised world, with a unique position of working directly with 33 local education institutions, in addition to other external organisations, has led to us creating the Environment and Sustainability Education programme.


How we do this?

Through the Environment and Sustainability Education programme, Chatteris aims to increase environmental awareness among local students. This takes place in lessons, extracurricular activities, and through experiential learning experiences in Hong Kong’s natural landscape.

Environment Camps

Students are invited to join Chatteris Tutors on a two-day Environment Camp excursion to delve into Hong Kong’s most pressing environmental issues. Over the course of the two days, students are introduced to Hong Kong’s renewable energy programme, learn more about the impact of single-use plastic pollution, and explore the wonderful ecology found in our borders. By the end of the camps, students can articulate in English the current threats, and potential solutions, to Hong Kong’s environment.

Environment Workshops

Chatteris Environment Workshops offer interactive and engaging activities themed focused on environmental issues important to Hong Kong’s local environment, led by Chatteris Tutors and partner non-profit organisations. Conducted in English, these interactive workshops aim to provide fun and informative experiences for students.

Beach Cleans

Beach clean-ups provide students with the opportunity to help preserve Hong Kong’s beautiful beaches and protect our environment from the harmful impacts of single-use plastics. Students gain insightful first-hand experience in how their actions have a direct influence on the physical environment and delve into Hong Kong’s throwaway culture.