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CNET Wellbeing

Public Healthcare
Hong Kong has its own low-cost public health system, consisting of hospitals and outpatient clinics, which is accessible by those holding a HKID. Read the document linked below for instructions about how to register for the public health system, appointment booking information, and fees.
Private Healthcare
Every CNET also has access to private health insurance funded by Chatteris. This is provided by the Sun Life provider and means you can access private healthcare facilities in Hong Kong and most of the cost of your healthcare would be reimbursed by Sun Life. You can find all the information you need to know here:
COVID-19 Testing
These documents are being updated regularly. We recommend you reread often.
The internal support guide for testing can be found here:
You can read previous CNET experiences of getting tests here:
Support From an Accredited Counsellor
Chatteris is committed to all members of our organisation having access to professional mental health support. Therefore, our funding allows for all members of staff to receive support from an accredited counsellor through our continued external partnership with Psynamo. You can find the Psynamo website here.
If you would like to access the sessions at Psynamo, please email your Wellbeing Coordinators, Anna and Lindsay, at wellbeing@chatteris.org.hk and they will refer you to Psynamo. You may also contact the Wellbeing Coordinators via their individual emails, or WhatsApp. All communication with Anna and Lindsay will be kept confidential.
Please note that if you contact Psynamo directly without the referral from either Anna or Lindsay, you will be expected to pay for the sessions yourself.