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CNET Wellbeing

Support From an Accredited Counsellor
We have funding!
Chatteris is committed to all members of our organisation having access to professional mental health support. Therefore, our funding allows for all members of staff to receive support from an accredited counsellor through our continued external partnership with Psynamo. You can find the Psynamo website here.
If you would like to access this funding, or would like any further information, please email your Wellbeing Coordinator, Alice, at wellbeing@chatteris.org.hk and she will be in touch to provide you with further details. All communication with Alice will be kept confidential.

CNET Orientation

* CNETs should use their Chatteris Google accounts to join the online live orientation sessions and view the materials.

Chatteris Project Management Team contact information

CNET Welcome Pack (CNETs receive the physical items below in a Chatteris tote bag at L’Hotel)

Emergency Supplies Form

Setting up WiFi

All CNET orientation online live sessions will be conducted via Zoom. Please download and install the desktop/mobile client application before the first session here. (remark: please note that some sessions may require the use of breakout rooms and polling and opening Zoom via a browser may not allow your usage of those functions) If you’ve already installed the client application, please ensure that you have the most updated version (click here to see how to check and update the app to the latest version). You may go onto the CIGP website for tutorials on using Zoom.

Click this link to view the CNET Orientation Schedule or you may go to your Google Calendar (A guide on how to access the schedule on your Chatteris Google Calendar).

Orientation Topics Overview:

Week One Orientation

  • Day One (Mon 10 Aug): CNET arrival in HK
  • Day Two (Tue 11 Aug): Welcome and getting to know you
  • Day Three (Wed 12 Aug): Team-building day
  • Day Four (Thu 13 Aug): Chatteris programmes introduction & flat-hunting
  • Day Five (Fri 10 Aug): Well-being and Chatteris Google Suite introduction

Week Two Orientation

Week Three Orientation:

  • Day One (Mon 24 Aug):
  • Day Two (Tue 25 Aug): Flat-hunting
  • Day Three (Wed 26 Aug): CNET original documents collection and contract signing, bank account opening, HKID card application (TBC)
  • Day Four (Thu 27 Aug): Face-to-face interactions with local HK students (TBC)
  • Day Five (Fri 10 Aug): Flat-hunting

Orientation Materials Download (the materials will be available for download after the live online sessions):

CIGP introduction: Intro to Chatteris, Community Programmes & Chatteris Love [ppt / recorded session]

Team-building day [recorded session]

Flat hunting session [recorded session]

Well-being session [ppt / recorded session]

Google Intro session [ppt / recorded session]

Week 3 Intro [ppt], Policies and Procedures [ppt]

Safeguarding and E-Safety [ppt / recorded session]

Primary programme orientation:

  • (Mon) 17 Aug [ppt / recorded session], (Tues) 18 Aug [ppt / recorded session], (Wed) 19 Aug [ppt / recorded session], (Thur) 20 Aug [ppt / recorded session], (Fri 21) Aug [ppt / recorded session]

Secondary programme orientation:

  • (Mon) 17 Aug [ppt / recorded session], (Tues) 18 Aug [ppt / recorded session], (Wed) 19 Aug [ppt / recorded session], (Thur) 20 Aug [ppt / recorded session], (Fri 21) Aug [ppt / recorded session]

Online / Remote teaching tips (ppt) (will be available after the professional development session)

Run Online Lessons/Activities Using Zoom

Run Online Lessons/Activities Using Google Hangout Meet

Run Online Lessons/Activities Using Microsoft Team

Make Your Own Videos