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Chatteris Learn – Online Learning Support

Chatteris Learn - Online Learning Support from Chatteris

Expertise Within Chatteris

Chatteris is well placed to support schools and students in Hong Kong with all aspects of online teaching and learning.

Our management team have considerable expertise in online learning, curriculum design and educational design. Our English Tutors are all trained to design and deliver online learning experiences and Chatteris has created our own unique online learning resources with a particular focus on supporting young people from less privileged backgrounds.

If your school would like any consultation or support, please contact Chatteris using the details at the end of this page.

Margaret Kwan
Programme Director

Doctor of Education (Area of Study: Information and Technology Studies) present student at the University of Hong Kong

Master of Science in Information Technology in Education at the University of Hong Kong

Master of Education at University of Western Australia

Sylvia Lee
Education Advisor

M.A. in Citizenship and Global Education at the University of York, U.K.

M.A. in Translation Studies at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.

Certificated Mistress at Education Department (Former Education Bureau)

Queenie Che
Assistant Programme Manager

Higher Diploma in Visual Communication at Hong Kong Design Institute

BA(Hons) Art and Design in Education at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Online School Support Newsletter

Chatteris partners with and supports primary, secondary and post-secondary schools across Hong Kong.

We provide these schools with a bi-weekly newsletter highlighting the good practices deployed to support students’ English online learning across Hong Kong.

We also create a public newsletter for non-partner schools twice per semester. To see our most recent newsletter, please click below.

The latest issue newsletter

Chatteris Online Support and Learning Resources

Online Courses For Primary and Secondary Students

A recent study conducted by the University of Hong Kong found that there was a need to provide more student-centred interactive online learning as a result of COVID-19. To support this, Chatteris has created two online learning courses for primary and secondary students. These courses are free for any school to utilise with their own staff as a result of a kind donation from a benefactor. Please contact Chatteris for further details.

Chatteris Authentic Conversational English (Chatteris ACE)

Chatteris ACE is a set of online resources developed for secondary students to offer them an opportunity for in-depth self-directed study about a topic before taking part in a guided group discussion led by a Chatteris Tutor.

Each course will have a bank of preparatory learning materials taking a number of different formats, such as videos, audio recordings, graphs, and images, that give the students experience learning through English in different mediums.

After completing these preparatory learning materials, students will be expected to take part in a small group intensive discussion facilitated and led by a Chatteris Tutor to consolidate their learning. No more than four students will take part in each guided discussion.

Chatteris Superheroes

Chatteris Superheroes is an interactive and engaging online learning course for primary school students. The four courses we are launching with are STEM, Drama and Presentation, Global Cultures, and the Environment.

Each student will be guided through their chosen course by a themed superhero character who will introduce them to the topics and activities in a game-based manner proven to improve the overall effectiveness of online learning.

Each course ends prompting and encouraging each student to design and deliver a final project at home!

Resource Creation Support

Chatteris Educational Foundation has a space and technical hardware in our office for all partner schools to utilise for the purpose of creating interactive online resources. Please contact Chatteris if you would like to book a time to use this space or if you would like your Chatteris English Tutor to work with us to create any school-specific resources.


Contact our programme managers at primary@chatteris.org.hk/secondary@chatteris.org.hk for further details.