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Chatteris and Nord Anglia Webinars


Chatteris Education Foundation and Nord Anglia University have started a collaboration since 2020. We are collaborating on a professional learning initiative that is purposeful, relevant, engaging and meaningful to teachers in the local and international sectors. Our aim is to engage teachers in both sectors to encourage a dialogic, collaborative and professional partnership in which teachers can take a deep dive into their teaching and learning practices by learning from and working in partnership with each other. We join hands together to give support to teachers and all educators, especially during this challenging time.
Chatteris Educational Foundation is the only educational charity in Hong Kong that connects local schools with international graduates and community partners in order to best impact students across the region. With our team of 100 tutors from across the globe we partner with schools to develop an English environment for their students; support a range of community outreach projects; and develop our tutors by providing educational, professional, and NGO experience.

Nord Anglia International School is a through-school that operates in 3 campuses across Hong Kong and is part of the Nord Anglia Education group of 68 schools across the world. Nord Anglia believes in the value of free high-quality professional development for teachers. To achieve this, their professional development platform, Nord Anglia University (Asia), creates learning events and opportunities for educators from all sectors to share ideas, research, practice and resources together.

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Upcoming Webinars

The Use of the Learning Environment in the Early Years - 1 December 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM


About the speaker: Anastassja Fletcher has been an Early Years teacher for 10 years and has taught internationally since 2014. She has taught across Nursery, Reception and Year 1 and is passionate about the environment that her children learn in.

About this webinar: This webinar will focus on effective ways to use the environment as a teacher in the Early Years, and will discuss ideas about how to incorporate learning into the whole classroom as well as how to respond to the needs of the children.

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How to Incorporate Drama in Your ESL Classroom - 26 January 2022 1, 4:30-5:30 PM


About the speaker: Caeti Godly is a Senior Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutor working at a secondary school.  She joined Chatteris in 2019 after graduating from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David with a degree in Acting. Drama and the performing arts have played an integral role in her life. She believes that drama has the ability to assist ESL learning whilst also assisting the development and growth of not only our youth, but anyone who comes into contact with it.

About this webinar: In this webinar, we will discover and discuss why drama is useful and beneficial in the ESL classroom. We will also share real examples of how we can incorporate drama into ESL lessons straight away then practice and perform these together! 

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How to Effectively Use Technology in Your Reading Lessons - 23 February 2022, 4:30-5:30 PM

About the speaker: Margaret Kwan is the Programme Director for Chatteris Educational Foundation. She has worked for the organisation for over 15 years providing support to the use of technology in education to the Chatteris primary, secondary and post-secondary programmes.

About this webinar: This webinar will explore some practical technology tools and strategies to enhance student’s interest in reading and support them in developing a reading habit and fundamental reading skills.

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Turning Readers into Writers - 30 March 2022, 4:30-5:30 PM


About the speaker: Kate is the Assistant Director, Curriculum for Nord Anglia Education. She works for the global education team and is based at Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong.

Kate originally trained as an English teacher in the U.K. and has 18 years’ experience in education. She has a Master’s and PhD in Education, specialising in teacher professional development.

About this webinar: This webinar will explore how to use close reading practices to reveal the features of a writer’s craft. We will explore how to use experimentation and imitation strategies to expand students’ writing range and provide them with opportunities to create a toolkit of expertise that can scaffold their own unique creative writing voice.

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Alternative Feedback and Assessment Methods in the Primary Classroom - 27 April 2022, 4:30-5:30 PM

About the speaker: Charlotte Lane currently teaches Year 2 at Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong and has taught for 14 years over a range of primary year groups including schools in the UK, Switzerland and France. 

About this webinar: During this webinar, we will explore and discuss alternatives to the old style of ‘marking’ feedback in the primary classroom, with a focus on methods that offer more in terms of progress and time efficiency.

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Mental Health Strategies for Teachers and Students - 18 May 2022, 4:30-5:30 PM


About the speakers: Nicole Lee has joined Mind HK for almost a year and is currently the Coolminds Project Manager, and is pursuing a Master’s in Social Work (part-time).  Prior to joining Mind, she spent 3 years upon graduation from HKU at a local NGO and managed multi-year service projects and corporate collaborations focusing on mental health and Special Educational Needs (SEN) of vulnerable children and youth. 

Pinky Tso holds a PhD of Physical Education from the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), a Master of Psychological Medicine from the University of Hong Kong (HKU), and a Master of Science (Sports Science and Physical Education) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  She is now a part-time lecturer at HKBU and CUHK, a certified Mental Health First Aid course instructor, and also serves as a part-time Content Advisor for Coolminds at Mind HK.

About this webinar: Coolminds is a joint initiative by Mind HK and KELY Support Group. We are funded by Operation Santa Claus and Morgan Stanley. This webinar aims to destigmatize mental health and to understand common youth mental health situations as well as their symptoms.  To improve mental health literacy in young people and to remove barriers to care are our goals.  Self-care tips to teachers will also be provided in this webinar.

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Past Webinars

Effective Co-teaching Practices - 24 November 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM


About the speakers: Mariana Ganusiak is the English Programme Executive at Chatteris. She has taught English and managed teachers for over 8 years in several countries, including Ukraine, Turkey, China and Cambodia. Sylvia is the Education Advisor of Chatteris Educational Foundation. She has been working in the educational field for over 20 years. She has teaching experiences in Hong Kong, the U.K. and Switzerland. She was a teacher educator in both local and international schools in HK and mainland China from kindergarten to secondary levels.

About this webinar: In this webinar, we will analyse the collaborative teaching cycle and discuss a variety of strategies that teachers can use to better support their students.

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Neuroplasticity: Adaptable Brains and Unlimited Learning - 27 October 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM


About the speaker: Mr Trethewey leads the Business and Economics department at Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong and has taught for eleven years, including three years in the UK and eight years in Hong Kong.

About this webinar: For decades, it has been accepted wisdom that our genetics limits the range of our intellectual abilities. This presumption continues to guide our collective understanding of learning.

Many educators and learners believe that their brains are fixed entities, capable of learning certain things and not others. These damaging – and as new science has revealed, false – assumptions affect their confidence and willingness to try new things by limiting their choices and, ultimately, their futures.

What if we can all learn anything? What if the possibilities of changing our expertise, developing in new directions, and forming different identities are endless and continue throughout our lives? What if we wake up every day with a changed brain?

This webinar will share evidence that our brains – and our lives ­– are highly adaptable. It will explore how incredible outcomes are possible when educators and learners fully embrace this knowledge and change their approach to teaching and learning.

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Promoting Reading and Establishing Reading Culture - 29 April 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM

Speakers: Dr Kate Erricker, Assistant Director of Nord Anglia University (Asia) and Ms Charlotte Lane, Class Teacher, Nord Anglia International School

About the speakers: Dr Kate Erricker is Assistant Director of Nord Anglia University. Previously an English Teacher, Secondary Head of Department and County Advisor, she has 18 years experience in education. Ms Charlotte Lane is a Year 2 Teacher at Nord Anglia International School. She has taught for 9 years across a range of primary age groups ranging from Reception at a bilingual kindergarten through to Year 4. Charlotte holds a BA in Business Management from Birmingham University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education (PGCE) with Modern Foreign Languages specialism from Manchester Metropolitan University.

About this webinar: Do you read children and young adult literature? Do you know which books to recommend to your young readers? A strong reading culture is vital to support growing reading habits and reading enthusiasm in children, This webinar will provide practical strategies on how to set up and nurture a reading culture in school.

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Using Silence to Reduce the Cognitive Load of Learning - 27 April 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM

Speaker: Mrs Simone Reid (Nais HK) Mathematics Teacher, Transition Co-ordinator, Nord Anglia International School

About the speaker: Mrs Reid began her teaching career in 2005 and she was teaching secondary mathematics at an academy in South-east England. She currently teaches Secondary Maths at NAIS HK and has been a GCSE Mathematics examiner for the Edexcel examination board since 2007.

About this webinar: Exploring how silent working in the classroom can support students access deeper thinking and focus.

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Interactive Reading - 30 March 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM

Speaker: Dr Kate Erricker, Assistant Director of Nord Anglia University (Asia)

About the speaker: Dr Kate Erricker is Assistant Director of Nord Anglia University. Previously an English Teacher, Secondary Head of Department and County Advisor, she has 18 years experience in education.

About this webinar: Reading is a complex and often invisible process. This session will focus on enjoyable and interactive strategies for the teaching and assessing reading that bring the thinking processes involved in reading to life.

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Using ‘Talk’ for Learning - 25 March 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM

Speaker: Ms Lisa Low, Education Consultant of ChiLD

About the speaker: Ms Lisa Low is a long-time educator and educational assessor who has held positions as Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Director of Teaching and Learning and School Principal in the UK and Asia. She engages in research in her role as a research assistant at HKU and has spoken at academic conferences highlighting the role of talk in dual language education.

About this webinar: How you can transform your teaching and learning through talk in the classroom.

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Neuroplasticity and Limitless Learning - 11 March 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM

Speakers: Mr M. Trethewey and Mr S. Challenor

About the speakers: Mr M. Trethewey: Business Studies and Economics Teacher, Mr Trethewey holds a business degree from the University of Plymouth and a PGCE from Nottingham Trent University. He has ten years of teaching experience – three years in the UK and seven years in Hong Kong. He is a qualified and experienced middle leader. Mr S. Challenor: Head of Year 4 & 4C Class Teacher, He is the Head of Year 4 and has recently completed a Masters in Leadership from University College London. Mr Challenor promotes a values based classroom where character development is an integral part of a child’s learning.

About this webinar: This webinar explores how the latest research in neuroscience can help students to learn better, helping them to foster a limitless learning to their own achievement and create a resilient mindset that enables them to learn from their mistakes.

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Drama Teaching - 25 February 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM

Speaker: Ms Laura Johnson (Former English teacher of AISHK)

About the speaker: Miss Laura Johnson was formerly working in the Early Childhood Section of Australian International School HK. She used to be an assistant leader for the youth theatre called Faust International and she worked as a floor manager for their annual Faust Festival in 2018 and 2019. Laura is currently a teacher for theatre and English education in Dramatic English and is studying Fine Arts in Acting for Global Screen at HK Baptist University.

About this webinar: Sharing experiences about teaching drama to young children and how to work with them.

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Assessment Methods - 29 Jan 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM

Speaker: Ms Sylvia Lee, Education Advisor of Chatteris

About the speaker: Ms Sylvia Lee is the Education Advisor of Chatteris Educational Foundation. She has been working in the educational field for 20 years. She has work experiences in both local and international schools regarding teacher training, educational pedagogies and curriculum.

About this webinar: Introducing various practices on how to assess students’ work effectively—from formative to summative and guides to virtual assessment.

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Promote Equal Opportunities for Ethnic Minorities in HK Schools - 22 Jan 2021, 4:30-5:30 PM

Speaker: Mr Baseer Naveed (Executive Director of International Human Rights Council Hong Kong)

About the speaker: A front line defender for the rights of women, minorities, the disabled, and children. Attending various international conferences such as International Kashmir Conference in 2019, World Sindhi Congress in 2020 and UN Conferences in Geneva in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

About this webinar: Discussing what ethnic minorities in HK are struggling with and suggesting various ways to promote equal opportunities for ethnic minorities in HK schools.

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Scaffolding In the Classroom to Avoid Cognitive Overload - 3 December 2020

Speakers: Dr Lexie Sanderson, Clinical Psychologist  and Ms Lisa Low, Education Consultant of ChiLD-HK

About this webinar: Sharing our research on working memory and the impact it can have on your students’ life. We hope to shed light on the cognitive overload and its link to emotions and why our students who struggle with working memory and cognitive overload have a hard time at school and they have special educational needs.

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Online Teaching - 26 November 2020

Speaker: Ms Margaret Kwan, Programme Director of Chatteris

About this webinar: Sharing a school case study to explore how the school and the teachers have adapted to online teaching and supported students to learn effectively in a fun, engaging way through the use of various strategies and technological tools.

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