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Students and Chatteris staff on Lamma Island

Bridging English and Environmental Education

During the summer, Chatteris Tutor Ashleigh Jameson took on the role of Environment and Sustainability Outreach Intern at Chatteris. This new opportunity shines a spotlight on Chatteris’ commitment to delivering quality environmental education, and increasing opportunities for students’ experiential learning. We sat down with Ashleigh to speak about all things sustainability… 




What drew you to the role of Environment and Sustainability Outreach Intern at Chatteris?

I was drawn to the role of Environment and Sustainability Outreach Intern because of my deep passion for environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Throughout my life, I have always felt a strong connection to nature and a sense of responsibility to protect our planet. The opportunity to work in this field allowed me to combine my love for the environment with my desire to make a positive impact on the world. I believe that environmental education and outreach are crucial in raising awareness and inspiring action for a sustainable future.


Moreover, this role provides me with the chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations dedicated to creating a greener and more sustainable world. By engaging with communities, schools, and businesses, I hope to contribute to the collective effort of promoting environmental stewardship and fostering a sense of environmental responsibility, among others.



Ashleigh supports environmental education inside and outside her role as a tutor
Ashleigh chatting with students in school
What projects, activities, and initiatives have you been working on over the summer?

– Environmental workshops, such as school day trips in collaboration with WWF Hong Kong


– Environment Camps on Hong Kong’s Lamma Island providing students with the opportunity to learn more about the environment around them, including renewable energy and single-use plastics


– Corporate briefing systems for Chatteris’ collaborative partners


– Donor outreach to encourage future growth and innovation



What environmental initiatives does Chatteris deploy that sets it apart from other organisations in the sector?

The main initiative that sets Chatteris apart from other organisations in the sector is, first and foremost, its Environment and Sustainability Programme Manager. They oversee the running of the environmental programme, making sure that a variety of activities and initiatives take place such as beach cleans, environmental workshops and camps, as well as in-school events and lessons.



How do students tend to interact with environment- and sustainability-themed activities or events?

I have found students to be surprisingly interested in the environment and sustainability! Although it only features briefly in the school curriculum, Chatteris offers fun and hands-on activities that students love to get involved in.



What will you take away from this internship experience? How have you developed over the 3 month period?

My work in this internship has been greatly varied, and I have learned a lot of new skills along the way that I can take forward and use throughout my life. It has given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and experience of the environmental and corporate sector and how they operate, as well as learn how to create different resources for activities and events.



Thank you for your time, Ashleigh!



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