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Join Chatteris as an English Tutor

Stop English being a barrier for students in Hong Kong

By joining the Chatteris Graduate Development Programme you’ll have an opportunity to make a positive social impact while gaining practical work experience and exploring life in a new culture.  

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, looking to spend some time working for a non-profit organisation, or seeking professional development as you take your first steps in your career, the Chatteris Educational Foundation is an excellent starting point. We are extremely proud of the commitment and support we give to our staff on every step of their journey. 

  • English tutors in the Chatteris football team celebrating their victory
  • An English tutor needs to be a good manager, allowing everyone to express their opinions
  • An English tutor not only teaches students, but learns from them too
  • An English tutor developing her presentation skills with a very receptive audience
  • An English tutor taking the time to listen to the interests of her students
  • Hong Kong is made up of over 200 islands and 40% of the region is nature reserves and country parks, so you can go from the city to the beach in less than an hour!
  • English tutors make friends for life, and nothing brings you together quite like learning a new talent, in this case, Dragon Boating!
  • English tutors and students hiking, overcoming challenges together to improve teamwork

Through working with Chatteris, I feel I have cultivated my leadership and interpersonal skills whilst learning how to adapt to a new working culture. The experience has helped me discover which career path I want to follow in the future and has increased my awareness of the impact that NGOs can have on a community. I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to experience working abroad to give it a go!

Caroline , University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

If you have the opportunity to move to Hong Kong and become a tutor then do it. It has been the best experience of my life and a really good way of establishing some independence right out of college.

Sidney , University of Georgia, United States of America

Chatteris has been the best gateway into Hong Kong in my opinion. The support system you come into is like a family away from home so you will hardly ever feel lonely. I have experienced a lot of personal and professional growth through learning from senior Chatteris tutors and staff. The best way to enjoy Hong Kong is to come in with an open-mind, make friends with locals, learn a few key Cantonese phrases and just enjoy your time here.

Siyasanga, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

About Hong Kong

Why you should join Chatteris

Give back to young minds

The right teacher can make all the difference to a student’s future life opportunities. By helping students realise how English can be a fun, engaging language you can make the difference to inspire a young mind.

Make friends for life

Join the programme and come to Hong Kong with a cohort of like-minded graduates from around the world, taking part in our social and cultural activities and exploring Hong Kong and Asia together.

Develop your professional and personal skills

Every year, we ask our tutors for feedback regarding what skills they have developed as a result of joining the Chatteris Graduate Programme. As a team, they stated that the most beneficial outcome of the programme was its impact on their confidence, teamwork and communication skills

Chatteris Highlights

  • English tutors practice dragon boating in preparation for the final competition
  • Students participating in an English corner activity with an English tutor
  • English tutors leading storytelling sessions for less privileged children on weekends in local public libraries
  • Tutor helps broaden student’s English with experiential learning activities at a museum visit
  • Snapshot taken by an English tutor who enjoys the vibrant life of Hong Kong
  • English tutors taking part in a 3-week orientation in August
  • An English tutor has to run events for hundreds of people, and there is no place better to learn how to run a good event than a school
  • An English tutor leading a game with the students to help them review what they have learnt
  • Chatteris runs regular social and cultural activities for tutors throughout the year. This picture is from our Beach Olympic day
  • An English tutor quickly needs to learn how best to deliver balanced feedback, a sometimes challenging skill
  • An English tutor is placed full time in one school for an academic year, allowing for meaningful connections with students
  • English tutors creating a dynamic environment for students to speak English in the classroom
  • English tutors volunteer hundreds of hours of their time to worthy causes on weekends and evenings
  • Our tutors collaborate on ideas and good practices in the workplace at a Chatteris professional development session
  • An engaging lesson requires careful planning, objective setting, delivery and reflection. Important skills for any future career

Programme Benefits


HK$17,000 monthly salary


Paid school holidays


Support finding accommodation


Visa application on your behalf


Airport pick-up on arrival


Teacher training and extra professional development


Team building, social, and cultural activities


Opportunities for career progression

How the programme works

School placements

You will be matched with a school and placed there, full-time, for one academic year to develop the school’s English programme. To do that you’ll work with the local school staff and Chatteris to plan and deliver a combination of lessons, workshops and events which complement or enhance your school’s curriculum.

Outside of school

There are lots of projects and activities for you to take part in outside of school. For example, you can get involved in one of our many community projects, try learning the local language, or join one of our clubs or sports teams. Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of the school holidays to travel to other countries in the region.

  • English tutor facilitating group discussions
  • Students contributing their opinions to a lively discussion with the English tutor
  • Students eager to offer answers in classroom activities with our tutor
  • English tutor developing students’ interests in an after school arts and crafts activity
  • Students participating in regular extra-curricular activities with our tutor
  • English tutor encouraging students to use English by organising booth games at the English Fun Day

How to apply

Do you have?

✔ A Bachelor’s Degree or higher qualification

✔ Native-level English proficiency or a similarly high level of English

✔ Passion for supporting children and teenagers

✔ Creativity, initiative, and motivation to learn

✔ An urge to explore new places and new cultures

If you meet the above requirements


Apply now to be the difference that inspires a young mind

Apply Now

FAQs and Programme Brochure for more information

Q1. What will happen during orientation?

Day 1: Arrival day- Fly into Hong Kong International Airport where the Chatteris team will be waiting for you. We’ll get you settled in, then you can relax.

Days 2-5 : Welcome to Hong Kong!- We’ll walk you through all the logistical steps of settling into life here, show you the city and you’ll even get to spend some time with students.

Weeks 2 and 3: Training- Your days will be split into morning sessions where you learn the skills you’ll need in the classroom and afternoon sessions with students so you can put what you learned into practice.

Q2. Will I be on my own in my school after orientation ends?

You’ll have programme specific training and sharing sessions every month and we encourage you to let us know if you need any extra help in school.

You’ll also have a Programme Manager assigned to you who will make regular visits to see how you’re doing in school, help with planning, offer support and give feedback.

Q3. Does Chatteris provide accommodation?

We provide accommodation during orientation and in that time our team will help you find a safe and comfortable place to live for the rest of the year. There are lots of housing options in Hong Kong and you should feel free to choose an arrangement that will best suit your needs.

Q4. Where are your schools located?

We partner with schools all over Hong Kong so you could be placed on Hong Kong Island, in Kowloon, or in the New Territories.

Q5. I am a qualified teacher; do I have to attend the orientation period?

Everyone who joins the programme needs to attend orientation. Orientation is not just a time to learn different teaching techniques; it serves as an introduction to the Chatteris approach and Hong Kong.

Q6. Are there opportunities to work for Chatteris after my contract ends?

You can either apply to stay on as a senior tutor or join our office as a member of our Programme Management Team.

Q7. Will Chatteris apply for a work visa on my behalf?

Once you’re accepted we’ll send you some forms that you’ll need to fill in and send back to us, then we’ll apply for the visa for you.

Q8. How long does the work visa take to process?

It usually takes 4- 6 weeks but it can vary depending on diplomatic relations between your home country and Hong Kong.

Q9. How do I get my visa once it is ready?

When your visa is ready we’ll confirm your address and send it to you in the mail. We cover all the related costs.

Q10. Is a monthly salary of 17000 HKD enough to cover the cost of living in Hong Kong?

If you’re open to living like a local then you’ll be able to live comfortably and afford all the plane tickets you’ll need to take advantage of your holidays.

Q11. How many hours will I work?

Our tutors usually work 40 hours per week (8 hours per day Monday to Friday). However, occasionally you may be required to work at school functions on some weekends.

Q12. What if I have visible tattoos and multiple piercings?

All visible tattoos must be covered and facial piercings removed while working with students. Also, ear piercings must be limited to a single pair.

Q13. Why am I required to pay a 2000 HKD deposit?

The deposit has two purposes. Firstly, it helps to offset the pre-arrival costs of accepted candidates. These costs include work visas, training resources, activities and accommodation during the three week training period. Secondly, the deposit demonstrates that a prospective tutor intends to come to Hong Kong and participate in the programme. We regard the deposit as an indication of serious interest and commitment.

The deposit will be returned upon completion of the programme.

Q14. How much will it cost to move to Hong Kong and get settled?

We recommend that you have some savings behind you before coming to Hong Kong. There are always costs when moving abroad and there are a few expenses to be aware of, such as flights, insurance, accommodation, and living costs. Flight costs will depend on where, when, and how you fly but a return flight should be between £500-700. Insurance will also fluctuate depending on medical conditions but should be between £150-250. This is just a rough idea and will differ from person to person. Some initial costs will be returned at the end of your time in Hong Kong e.g. flat deposits, Chatteris deposit. More specific information about set up costs will be sent over before your arrival in Hong Kong.

Chatteris also provides an interest free loan scheme to help cover the initial costs of securing a flat in Hong Kong.

Additional financial support can also be given on a case by case basis. If you have any questions or would like further information please do not hesitate to get in contact. Please email info@chatteris.org.hk for more information.