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Chatteris Educational Foundation works with a wide range of local primary, secondary and post-secondary schools, but has a particular focus on supporting those schools that serve a higher number of students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

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Chatteris supports partner schools across Hong Kong through two key programmes:

What They Say


of school partners rated our collaboration as “good” or “very good” in the 18/19 academic year


of school partners said our programme positively impacted their students’ motivation and interest in English


of school partners said our programme positively impacted the soft skills and whole-person skills of their students

Chatteris English Development Programme

Our Chatteris English Development Programme has been helping students improve their English in local schools throughout Hong Kong since 1990. Our programme places Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutors in our partner schools full-time for one academic year from 1 September – 31 May to create an immersive English language environment. Throughout the year, our tutors fully integrate into the school system and provide vital, authentic English interaction for students through interactive, engaging lessons, varied extracurricular activities to cater for different student interests, and experiential learning opportunities for students to use authentic English outside of the classroom. Altogether this support for student English language learning enhances their confidence using the language, their enjoyment of the language, and their intercultural understanding, granting them greater opportunities in an increasingly globalised world.

Chatteris English Tutors

Outgoing and enthusiastic

From Native-speaking English countries or speak a similarly high level of English

Motivated to share new ideas and run a range of activities to make English fun and interactive both inside and outside the classroom

Friendly and approachable

Passionate to encourage cultural exchange with students and school staff members

A positive mentor and role model to students

Committed to developing students

University graduates from a variety of disciplines

Mainly from the UK and North America

How the Chatteris Programme Can Complement Your School’s Curriculum

Why Schools Partner with Chatteris

  • We are a non-profit charity that cares about supporting your students above anything else
  • We have experience providing high quality tutors to schools for over 30 years
  • We will actively collaborate with you to ensure the greatest possible impact on your students
  • We support our partners with a dedicated team of programme managers that monitor and develop your school’s tutor
  • We give our partner schools access to many more opportunities including experiences and events for students and funding from external bodies

Having two Chatteris Tutors has led to a fully immersive English environment that provides all of our students with the opportunity to use English authentically. As well as teaching our students, Morgan and Miriam mentor and inspire them. We hope to continue our partnership with Chatteris for many years to come.”

Principal Meimei Chan,
SKH Holy Trinity Church Secondary School

Feature Project – RAVE Reading Programme for Schools

“RAVE Reading: Pleasurable Language Learning through Real and Virtual Experiences” was a programme under the English Alliance project of the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) from the 2015/16 to 2018/19 school years.

We are grateful for the support of SCOLAR across this period which allowed us to impact more than 500 students over the course of the project.

Benefits to Students

When surveyed, our partner schools praised the large impact our CEDP programme had on their students:

Motivation and interest in English
Enjoyment of English activities
Confidence speaking English

One for One, Adopt a School

Chatteris believes that English should never be a barrier to students in Hong Kong, no matter what their socio-economic background. To this end, we established our ‘One for One, Adopt a School’ project in 2015 to support schools which cater to a high proportion of less privileged students.

The model is simple – an eligible school funds one of our tutors and we enlist a donor from the wider Hong Kong society to fund a second tutor in the same school. Two tutors exponentially increases the English opportunities open to students in the school.


How to Join Our English Development Programme

(Placing a full-time English tutor at your school)

Step 1

Contact us for more information

Step 2

Join our school seminar or arrange an initial engagement meeting

Step 3

Discuss with us whether you most benefit from a Chatteris Tutor or a Senior Chatteris Tutor

Step 4

Submit your application

Life-wide Learning Programmes

Our Life-wide Learning Programmes are The Chatteris Educational Foundation is now offering a number of English medium Life-wide learning, experiential learning and online learning activities to schools. These programmes are enjoyable, immersive and communicative educational experiences delivered by our energetic and passionate Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutors (CNETs) and supervised by a highly experienced senior management team.

These short courses and programmes are flexible and the duration and content can be adjusted to the needs of your students. Please see our brochure below for further information, or get in touch to discuss our programmes further.

Environment Camp

Historical and Cultural Day Trips


English Fun Fair

Office Programme

Beach Olympics

Chatteris Learn – Superheroes (for Primary Schools) Online and Blended Learning

(free for students with less privileged backgrounds – please contact us for more information)

Chatteris Learn – ACE (for Secondary Schools) Online and Blended Learning

(free for students with less privileged backgrounds – please contact us for more information)

Please find more information about the English short courses we offer in our brochure here:

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