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How you can support less privileged members of the Hong Kong community

Chatteris collaborates with local and multinational businesses, other NGOs, and inspiring individuals across Hong Kong to form a network of organisations all dedicated to offering students in Hong Kong the equal opportunities that they truly deserve.

If you are based in Hong Kong and want to give back to local students and schools, please see our programmes below or get in contact to discuss your ideas. If you would like to join our team as an English Tutor please click here.

"One For One, Adopt A School"

In Hong Kong, there is no targeted support or funding from the government to help less privileged students with their English. Almost 50% of students are not even able to apply to university because of their English exam results, and as always this unfairly affects students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Our answer is “One for One, Adopt a School”. The model is simple: we enlist the support of supportive foundations, corporations, and individuals in Hong Kong on behalf of schools with a high proportion of less privileged students. Our fundraising allows these schools to deploy a partnership of two Chatteris Tutors to transform the learning environment at the school.

Funded By School

Funded By Sponsor

Multiple Opportunities For Schools, Students And Sponsors

Following a pilot in 2015, this project has gone from strength to strength.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, under the project we have been able to impact:

Four Primary Schools

Eight Secondary Schools

11,000+ Less Privileged Students

When we sat in on classes delivered by Chatteris Tutors, spoke with students through focus group discussions, and observed extra-curricular activities conducted by the tutors, it was evident that students enjoyed their interaction with the Chatteris Tutors as well as the activities they organised. The Principal and the local teachers we spoke with were very supportive of the project and told us that it has been very effective in improving the school’s overall English learning environment.”


Christopher Lavender,
ex-Director of the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation

I like to have the tutors at school because then I can talk with them and I think talking with them cheers me up and then I can make me less stressful. I think that having the tutors can help us improve, can help me improve my oral skills. I have been English Corner executive this year and I like to chat with them a lot [sic].”


“One for One” secondary school beneficiary

A Special Thank You to the Current and Past Sponsors Of Our "One For One, Adopt A School" Programme

"World City, World Education"

“World City, World Education” modifies the existing framework of our “One for One, Adopt a School” model and its proven track record of transforming the English language opportunities available to student beneficiaries.

For the first time, we are piloting a formal partnership of a Local Hong Kong Chatteris Tutor and an Overseas Chatteris Tutor to deliver our English Development Programme to underserved students. We believe this is the first time worldwide a pair of local and overseas language tutors has been formally connected in this way.

This innovative new model promises to provide a more sustainable and lasting impact on the Hong Kong education sector.

Funded By School

Funded By Sponsor

Multiple Opportunities For Schools, Students And Sponsors

Creativity And Innovation, Intercultural Competence, Sustainable And Lasting Impact

A Special Thank You to the Current and Past Sponsors Of Our "World City, World Education" Programme

Chatteris Summer Level-Up Learning Programme

Empower Less-Privileged Students in Hong Kong

School’s out for summer. Imagine a holiday full of possibilities, exploration, and learning. Now imagine not being able to participate due to financial constraints.

Support Chatteris in bridging this education inequality by sponsoring engaging, interactive events in June, July, and August – fostering a more equitable community.

DONATE: $22,000 HKD


Interactive activities designed to develop skills including collaboration, communication, negotiation, speech clarity, and body language.


Fun-filled games for students to use English in a natural and fun setting, while developing cultural and environmental insights.

By Cash

Deposit to our Chong Hing Bank account no. 256-10-3122671 and fax the receipt to us at +852 2865 2815 or email to community@chatteris.org.hk

By Cheque

Please make cheque payable to “Chatteris Educational Foundation” and send to Chatteris Educational Foundation, Unit A, 13/F, Camel Paint Building Block 2, 62 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong


Chatteris Inspire

Students in Hong Kong, especially those from less privileged backgrounds, often struggle to see the relevance of English in everyday life as they rarely have the opportunity to engage and interact in English outside of the classroom.

To address this, we established Chatteris Inspire. Chatteris Inspire is a programme of experiential learning opportunities which engages volunteers from the wider Hong Kong professional community to inspire, educate, and motivate our student beneficiaries, and take an active role in developing the next generation.

How you can support Chatteris Inspire:

Office Programmes

Invite a group of students to your offices to help develop their skills, their CVs, and encourage their professional development.

Guest Talks

Lead an Inspire guest talk at one of our schools in order to pass on your experience and expertise to the students.

Day Camps

Facilitate an activity for our annual Day Camps where we take students around Hong Kong, developing their confidence, teamwork, and allow them to practise English in the real world.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the growth of Chatteris Inspire so far by offering students access to new events and opportunities

Professional Development For Our Tutors

Our team of passionate, committed tutors are always eager to learn more and further their personal and professional development. If you have a skill or topic you feel you could pass on, please feel free to get in contact and we can look at setting up a session to influence the influencers.

Learn about our different collaborations that we host to further benefit students in our Annual Report here: