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About Chatteris

Our Story

Chatteris exists to support young people in Hong Kong with their English language learning.

The foundation was started in 1990 when our founding trustees launched a volunteering scheme of visits to local secondary schools to provide students with extra opportunities to practise their English.

Realising a far larger scheme was needed, the trustees formed the Chatteris Educational Foundation and started raising funds to bring English tutors to Hong Kong to be placed in schools. Although a lot has changed in this time, we have always remained true to the lessons learnt by our founding trustees when volunteering all those years ago. Offering students opportunities for authentic, relaxed, and communicative use of English transforms their views of the language, especially for those from challenging socio-economic backgrounds, and our enthusiastic and committed tutors continue to provide such opportunities to this day.

Today, Chatteris places a team of over 60 English tutors full time in 33 partner schools across three different age groups: primary, secondary and post-secondary. We also run short courses for schools, experiential learning opportunities for students, and deliver multiple community outreach initiatives to serve less privileged groups in Hong Kong society. 

Our Values



Cultural Exchange



Talking to different people is one of my interests and being able to speak English in the school makes me more confident to speak. It helps me enhance my English speaking skills, and my family only speaks Cantonese at home, so it is a great opportunity to prepare for the future.”

Alex, student, Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College

What We Do

If you are a SCHOOL...

Impact Students

Offering them
an authentic and
engaging English
environment in
their school

Chatteris English Development Programme

Life-wide Learning Short Courses

If you are an NGO...

Impact the Community

Collaborating with
other charities across
Hong Kong to offer
beneficiaries English
learning opportunities

Community Outreach Programmes

If you are a DONOR...

Impact Hong Kong

Linking local businesses and
organisations with schools to
grant students a chance to
overcome the growing
inequality gap

One for One, Adopt a School

Chatteris Inspire Guest Talks for Students


If you are a GRADUATE...

Impact Graduates

Professionally developing
our team of tutors to
give them skills for life
in education or
other sectors

Chatteris Graduate Development Programme


Chatteris Milestones


Our founding trustees and volunteers visited schools during their free time, providing extra opportunities for students to practise English inside and outside of the classroom.


Our founding trustees begin to fundraise and support English tutors from the UK and Canada to work in Hong Kong. Two tutors start work in a Hong Kong secondary school.


80 English tutors, mostly from the UK, Canada, and the USA work in primary and secondary schools across Hong Kong.


Chatteris switches to only hiring university graduates as English Tutors, creating a comprehensive Graduate Development Programme.


Chatteris starts to work with post-secondary schools across Hong Kong.


Chatteris begins our ‘One for One, Adopt a School’ programme for secondary schools. This involves fundraising on behalf of deserving schools with students from challenging backgrounds, allowing them access to a partnership of two Chatteris English Tutors.


Chatteris places over 100 graduate English tutors from 18 different countries across Hong Kong primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools.


Chatteris begins our ‘One for One, Adopt a School’ programme for primary schools in Hong Kong.

Meet our Team

Chatteris is a team of almost 150 people all working together to support young people in Hong Kong and fulfill our mission of empowering them with English proficiency and self-confidence. Each year’s cohort of tutors is supported by our experienced Programme Director Team, committed Programme Managers, and dedicated back office administrative support.

Our Programme Director Team

Ben Weetman
Chief Executive Officer

Ben began working for Chatteris in 2006 as an English tutor, and has held various positions within Chatteris since this time across all areas of the foundation, becoming Chief Executive Officer in July 2018.

Margaret Kwan
Programme Director
(BA, MA, MSc)

Margaret began working for Chatteris in 2006 and has held various leadership positions during this time. Margaret now oversees our English Development Programme for schools and Graduate Development Programme for our tutors, and has a particular interest in increasing the use of technology in English language education.

Mariana Ganusiak
English Programme Executive
(BA, EdS)

Mariana joined Chatteris in January 2021. She is in charge of the management and development of school programmes at primary and secondary levels, including planning, design, implementation and evaluation.

George Tarling
Programme Director,
Community Engagement

George has worked for Chatteris since 2015 and oversees the Community Outreach programmes as well as fundraising and communications for the organisations. Under his guidance, the flagship ‘One for One, Adopt a School’ project of sponsored schools has been expanded from four to eight partner school beneficiaries.

Our Board of Trustees

Chatteris is overseen by an experienced and active board of trustees with backgrounds in education, law, finance, and human resources

  • Ms Margaret Kwee – Founding Trustee, Chairman of the Board
  • Ms Evelyn Fergusson – Founding Trustee
  • Mr S.K Leung – Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Ms Sally Cheung
  • Ms Isabelle Young
  • Professor Steve Andrews
  • Professor Amy Tsui
  • Mr Peter Clarke