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5 online tools for outstanding English lessons

Our tutors embrace the potential of the virtual classroom for creating engaging English learning opportunities. In this post, Chatteris’ own Emily Brazier shares our favourite tools for teaching online.

1. Canva

Whether we’re creating an eye-catching presentation for an adult learners or a fun phonics video for 5 year olds, Canva is our go-to platform for visual content. Their wealth of templates for slides, posters and videos will boost your teaching materials with professional-looking graphic design without compromising any precious planning time.

2. Google Earth

Online learning tools can scaffold your virtual lesson or enhance your in-person ESL teaching | Image by Chatteris

“In today’s English lesson we’ll be taking a trip around the globe” – when you’re teaching English as a second language, showing the purpose of students’ learning is vital. International exchange programmes cost a pretty penny, so we use Google Earth to bring the world to our classroom. Use one of the trips on Google Earth’s Voyager or build your own, adding text and activities to pinpointed spots along your path across a city, a country, or a planet.

3. Baamboozle

Warning: this one will get your students excited. Baamboozle isn’t your average online quiz platform, this gamified assessment tool includes bonuses, penalties and plenty of gifs to pack your teaching content with surprises. Choose an existing game from the website for a no-prep warmer activity or add in your own vocabulary for a more tailored approach.

4. Wheel of Names

Whether you’re teaching online or in person, this jazzy name picker will have your class on the edge of their seats. Input your class list and click spin for a fair and exciting way to select your next student to answer or present. Bonus tip: for an easy speaking activity choose a student to speak on a topic by pulling up two wheels and spinning them both – double the fun!

5. Class Dojo

If you’re teaching English online to primary school students, this one is a must have. Class Dojo is a detailed classroom management tool that allows you to monitor, reward and communicate with your students, each represented by an adorable monster. Little ones will love following the progress of their character and parents, who can also access the platform, will appreciate tuning into their child’s efforts.

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