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13 May 2020

Animals in the City

As physical distancing measures in Hong Kong begin to ease, Chatteris’ own Emmie Lyon has been exploring the city streets. In this special animal post, she shares her shots of the creatures found along the way…

Take a look at most Hong Kong postcards and it’ll probably feature high rises and bright lights. Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour, Big Buddha, along with many more, are what initially comes to mind when you think of Hong Kong. However, the rawer culture can be found a bit lower down and away from the bustling streets of the central district.

A wander around the busy streets of Kowloon reveals a moggy or pooch in every other shop corner.

Cats laze in front of shop entrances
Image by Emmie Lyon
Cats can be found all over Hong Kong
Image by Emmie Lyon

Cats sleeping lazily in the shade of the harsh sun guard the entrances to restaurants and perch on boxes of wares in pharmacies.

Dogs explore the Hong Kong streets
Image by Emmie Lyon
Dogs are often walked through the city streets
Image by Emmie Lyon

Dogs of all sizes zip around shop floors or idly eye you from their nap spot as you pass by. Off the beaten track, village mutts stand proudly on the edge of their territory.

Dogs laze in markets in the city
Image by Emmie Lyon
Dogs are a popular pet in Hong Kong
Image by Emmie Lyon

In a world where ‘elf’n’safety restricts having shop animals in other countries, furry friends are welcome here in one’s employ. Even on the street, Hong Kongers are deeply bound to their pets.

Dogs often greet people happily
Image by Emmie Lyon
Dogs laze all over Hong Kong
Image by Emmie Lyon
Dogs stand proud in Hong Kong
Image by Emmie Lyon

For some, animals are a status symbol – nothing says it better than a pug wearing a sweater being pushed around in a pram. For others, they are loyal friends. In any city as big as Hong Kong, loneliness can be rife, and it is extremely comforting to see the companionship animals give their human counterparts here. 

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