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Who We Are

We are the only educational charity that connects international graduates, local schools, and community partners to best impact students in Hong Kong.


Each year our team of around 60 tutors from across the globe partners with schools to develop an authentic English environment for their students, support a range of community outreach projects, and develop our tutors with educational, professional, and NGO experience.

What We Do

If You Are A SCHOOL...

Impact Students

Offering them
an authentic and
engaging English
environment in
their school

If You Are An NGO...

Impact The Community

Collaborating with
other charities across
Hong Kong to offer
beneficiaries English
learning opportunities

If You Are A DONOR...

Impact Hong Kong

Connecting local businesses and
organisations with schools to
grant students a chance to
overcome the growing
inequality gap

If You Are A GRADUATE...

Impact Development

Professionally developing
our team of tutors to
give them skills for life
in education or
other sectors

Our Vision

To empower Hong Kong students with enhanced English proficiency and intercultural understanding, enabling them to succeed in an increasingly globalised world.

Our Mission

To raise the English proficiency and self-confidence of Hong Kong’s young people, particularly the less privileged, through dynamic interaction with English-speaking university graduates working in creative partnership with schools.

The Need: English Education In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most unequal societies in the world, and in 2018 an Oxfam inequality report found it to have the highest wealth disparity in any developed region. Moreover, there are very few opportunities for the more than 230,000 students living under the poverty line to engage with authentic spoken English. They do not have the chance to speak English on holidays to English-speaking countries, nor with private tutors, or even with their parents at home.

In light of these challenges, the Chatteris Educational Foundation works to match passionate recent graduates with local schools, especially those that cater for children from less privileged backgrounds. We believe that by offering these students opportunities for authentic, relaxed, and communicative use of English, we can transform their views towards the language and open up new possibilities for them in their education, career, and personal lives.


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Our Work